Training agenda (CDC, LifeGap, GCS and IT Staffs)

April 12, 2012

Deployment & Training Plan ( Apr 10 ~ Apr 13 2012 )

Live demo


User guide


Apr 10, 2012



– Registration, welcome and introduction trainingsPretest

1. Workflow and Computer basic

2. How to use a OpenELIS web site

3. Maintenance S4M barcode printer

Apr 10, 2012



– Registration, welcome and introduction trainings4. Overview OpenELIS and I-OpenELIS

5. Get basic understanding of I-OpenELIS

6. How to apply OpenELIS and I-OpenELIS


Question & Answer
Apr 11,  2012



Registration, welcome and introduction trainings7. LIS basic functions

8. How to upload a Jasper Report

9. How to install Windows Server 2003/ 2008

Apr 11, 2012



Registration, welcome and introduction trainings10. How to install zebra barcode printer

11. How to configure network for OpenELIS

12. Anti-virus and security on windows


Question & Answer
Apr 12, 20112



–          12. How to backup and restore LIS database and backup database solutions-          13. How to stop/ start server

–          14. How to fix common issues.

Apr 12, 2012



–          15. How to install Mirth application & Overview-          16. Install and use a remote access system (Team viewer)

–          17. Understanding system architecture, modules, data flows, interfacing

–          Virtual machine solution and backup


Question & Answer
Apr 13, 2012



–          Practice morning’s session: 12,13,14,15,16,17-          18. How to use Debian to manage OpenELIS

–          19. How to install and use PostgreSQL in Windows & Debian

Apr 13, 2012



–          20. Get basic understanding about hardware, networking. To be able to fix common issues-          21. To understanding historical problems and their problems.

–          22. Backup database solution


Post Test

LIS Conference and Technical Seminar (September 2012)

March 8, 2012

Laboratorians in Vietnam and many countries worldwide, lack strong competency in the area of electronic information systems and informatics. In turn, IT personnel commonly lack understanding of the complex testing processes in laboratories and the laboratory domain in general. To help bridge this gap, CDC-Vietnam through its laboratory coali-tion partner, Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) and in collaboration with I-Tech/University of Washington, will design and provide a LIS Conference and Technical Seminar in September 2012. The first day — the Conference — will provide an overview and experiences of LIS systems in Vietnam to introduce laboratory informa-tion systems to laboratory managers, heads of planning departments, and other manage-ment at Hospitals and Medical Laboratories. The Conference will include, keynote speak-ers and local presentations and approxi-mately 120 attendees are expected. The second and third days — The Technical Seminar — will provide the opportunity for participants involved in the implementation of laboratory information systems to learn about different technical components of a LIS. Technical experts will provide sessions on LIS architecture, databases, software de-velopment, data exchange, operating systems, instrument interfaces, and other topics, so that personnel with limited IT background obtain basic knowledge and competency in these areas to improve LIS implementations.

OpenELIS at Ped2, Viet Nam

February 22, 2012

Update Release 1.6.0

February 20, 2012

In Viet Nam, we completed all sites’ deployment and training at PAC HCM and LifeGap as well as clarifying their some issues. As the result, OpenELIS is available for all sites and lab staff can apply OpenELIS for their work as below:

–          Binh Thanh Laboratory

–          Preventive Medicine Center of Thu Duc

–          District 10 Hospital

–          Oncology Hospital

–          Preventive Medicine Center District 4 ( PMC 4)

–          Children’s Hospital 2 (Ped2)

–          Preventive Medical Center of HCMC (PMC)

–          Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital (PNT)

–          District 4 hospital

–          Preventive Medical Center of Southern (SPMC)

–          ADIS Committee of Ha Noi (PAC Ha Noi at Hang Bai)

–          ADIS Committee of Ha Noi (PAC Ha Noi at Ha Dong)

–          ADIS Committee of Hai Phong (PAC Hai Phong)

–          ADIS Committee of Hai Duong (PAC Hai Duong)

–          Dong Da Hospital, Ha Noi

The OpenELIS system at HCMC to help PMC-HCMC, PNT hospital to obtain the ISO 15189, BoA had appreciated very good the QMS of llab (HIV and Dengue) of PMC HCMC. They will do some small (NC2) corrective action in 1-2 months and will receive the accreditation ISO 15189.The Microbiology lab at Hospital PNT have the same success.

Laboratory Information Systems

February 20, 2012

The Government of Vietnam (GVN) with support from CDC Vietnam and Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) has successfully implemented a Laboratory Information System (LIS) in four hospital and eight HIV testing laboratories supporting HIV prevention, care and treatment.

From the beginning, the goal of the project was to create a sustainable country owned solution.  The LIS application is an open-source solution (OpenELIS) installed in an open-source environment. A local software company is charged with software development, maintenance and secondary technical support and site IT staff are trained to provide the first level of response to technical issues.

The localization of the project, country ownership and utilization of open-source solutions limits implementation costs to allow for significant and sustainable country adoption.  The software is fully owned by GVN and can be expanded to additional sites as resources are available.  The largest VN OpenELIS installation, which was finalized in 2011 is at Pediatrics 2 Hospital in HCMC.  The LIS has significantly improved laboratory data management and reduced errors through a barcode label system, and the electronic exchange of data between the analytical instruments and the LIS.  The users reported reduced workload in the Biochemistry and Hematology sections and summary reports are completed in seconds instead of hours. There is also a noticeable improvement in turnaround times (e.g. the biochemistry section provides results at noon instead of 2 pm).

A pilot project to exchange data between the LIS and the Pediatrics 2 Hospital registration database and Hospital Information System (HIS) has also been initiated.  At present, patient details and demographic information are imported into the LIS from the hospital registration database.